Innovative Digital Currency Solutions

“Bitcoin is a technological tour de force.”

- Bill Gates, Microsoft co-founder

Products and Services


digitalBTC Wallet

The digitalBTC Wallet is a proposed consumer product that facilitates both digital and real world purchases using digital currency through both a mobile and web application.

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digitalBTC Marketplace

The digitalBTC Marketplace is a proposed website for consumers to find and buy products and services from merchants that accept digital currency. digitalBTC Marketplace aims to be the first site consumers think of  when shopping with digital currency.

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Bitcoin Transaction Processing

digitalBTC has investments in dedicated mining pools that use specialized equipment to optimize bitcoin mining. A pooled mining service is a group of miners that combine their computing power to create more bitcoins than they would if working individually.

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digitalBTC API

The digitalBTC API (application programming interface) is proposed to enable third party developers to integrate digitalBTC’s payment services into their applications. If achieved, this will allow any website to accept digital currency payments and issue refunds.

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Liquidity Provision

digitalBTC runs a specialized desk concentrating on liquidity provision. We leverage our mined coins and relationships to provide liquidity to ATM’s and hedge funds. Our capital and coins are allocated to the most compelling opportunities, which are assessed in real time, on a risk reward basis.