Innovative Digital Currency Solutions

“Bitcoin is a technological tour de force.”

- Bill Gates, Microsoft co-founder

Products and Services


digitalX Wallet

The digitalX Wallet is a consumer product that facilitates both online and real world purchases using digital currency (such as bitcoin, litecoin, etc.) through both a mobile and web application.  Real world, or brick and mortar, purchases are made using a digitalX branded smart card, while online purchases can be made using  either the smart card or digital currency.

Similar to having a checking account and a savings account at a traditional bank, the digitalX wallet provides two accounts, one for digital currency and one for the digitalX smart card. The consumer can then transfer funds back and forth between the two accounts.

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digitalX Marketplace

The digitalX Marketplace is an easy to use storefront for consumers to find and buy products and services from merchants that accept digital currency.

Similar to eBay or Amazon MarketPlace, digitalX Marketplace allows any merchant to post their items for sale. Merchants post for free and only pay a fee when a sale is made. For consumers already enrolled in the digitalX Wallet,  paying for products in the digitalX Marketplace is as simple as one click.

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B2B Services

digitalBTC leverages its trading operations to provide liquidity to other businesses involved in the digital currency space. For a fee, digitalBTC can directly trade bitcoins for Fiat currency on behalf of another business.  Alternatively, digitalBTC could buy bitcoins directly from another business and hedge them.

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digitalX API

Similar to how PayPal provides an API (Application Programming Interface) for 3rd party websites to integrate their services, the digitalX API enables 3rd party developers to  integrate digitalX’s payment services  into their applications. Through the digitalX API a developer can accept digital currency payments as well as issue refunds. The digitalX API will initially work with web based applications and Google Android mobile devices.

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Currently, there are approximately 12.2 million bitcoins in circulation. The process by which supply is increased is called ‘mining’. Bitcoin mining is the method by which the Bitcoin system ensures its own operational functionality and efficiency, which requires transactions to be verified, approved and recorded in a database. The sequential record of all transactions, known as the block chain, records existing bitcoin ownership, as well as historical ownership.

digitalBTC has investments in dedicated mining pools that use specialized equipment to optimize bitcoin mining. A pooled mining service is a group of miners that combine their computing power to create more bitcoins than they would if working individually.

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digitalBTC maximizes its return on investment by leveraging the volatility of the digital currency markets. digitalBTC trades digital currencies by using specialized strategies which include arbitrage, long and short positions, futures contracts and market making at exchanges. Capital is allocated and prioritized according to the price movements in the market and the most compelling opportunities, which are assessed in real time, on a risk/reward basis.

digitalBTC operates as a market maker across numerous exchanges globally, competing for client trade orders by displaying buy and sell quotes of the digital currencies, and providing overall liquidity to exchanges.